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When you have three young entrepreneurs having a lot of spare time because the covid-19 lockdown just kicked in, and those three boys also have their mind set to helping out people in need, than this chemic can not resolve in something else than a great project. Together with our friend Daan van der Plas over at DP Events we decided to put some of our free time, that was a result of the decline in work, in helping out our locals. If you are not able to go out of the borders of your own local town and you have the experience of two filmmakers and the specialism of an event organization, nothing will stop those three of starting a successful and overall interesting project.


The first concept of the project was set very quick, it was going to be a livestream where local Dj’s would make music, since they didn’t had any work at the time, and raise money for the local hospital to help people with the virus. But we decided we didn’t want to focus just on one branch, no, we wanted every division who suffered from covid-19 to have the spotlight on them, so they would be able to tell how the people at home could help this particular sector. So we arranged a wide range of interviews with the big and small players, in for example, restaurants and catering, sport clubs, carecentres, schools and the entertainment industry. We as Move Productions took care of all the interviews and the overall production of the live stream, our friends at DP designed a stage from where we could stream it all.


Westland against Corona wrapped with a great bang. Through our thriving production and the attention we got from the local media we managed to raise over €1300 which has been transferred in full to the Reinier de Graaf hospital, to help those affected by Covid-19. The livestream has been watched by over 1700 unique viewers with peaks of 165 viewers at the same time. A great success for such a small but tight community.

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