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It’s the tradition of Move to update the design of the company once a year, where necessary. This to keep alive our innovative spirit, never get to familiar with the things you created and get out of that comfort zone to create new things. That’s what we think the definition of company design is. This year it was time to do some major reimagining of our brand, that’s why we launched our first campaign. The campaign features a commercial that shows our visual capabilities as a company and is accompanied by an overall update of our design, slogan and website.


We wanted to deliver more than a simple video to our clients, we wanted to give the costumer not just an experience but a product. This ideal became our main stimulus for rethinking the company. We were in need to make a shift from a company with an very local image to a company that was capable of bigger tasks than the mainstream aftermovie. We wanted to show our costumers that we were able to lift their brand to a higher level through the use of smart video marketing and campaigns. But how are you going to show your costumers something that you really never did before? You take the formula and apply it to your own company, a beneficial win. This resulted in our brand new campaign with the focus on our visual representation of our Move commercial.


Everything began with the slogan. We needed to give future costumers the confidence to go in business with us, so if we were able to let them watch us, why would we not be able to let the audience of our clients watch their video. So with that idea behind the slogan we needed a film to grab the attention of future clients, because we still needed them to watch us first. At it’s core the commercial is a visual and vocal argument of why a video production can be useful as a marketing strategy. Through the use of different scenes we are able to provide reasons for producing a Move commercial. Besides those reasons we also linked to wide range of ages you can reach by video, to give our clients a better perspective on how big their audience can actually be, and showed our visual storytelling capabilities consisting out cinematography, VFX, SFX, colour grading and montage. Which became the final product, the Move 2020 commercial.


The global covid-19 virus resulted in a large decrease of work which left us with a lot of spare time for us but also for all our friends in lockdown. It was at this moment, a few months after the worldwide lockdown, we realised this was the best time to shoot our commercial. The script was already written so we wrapped it up, and started writing protocols and contacting old friends and colleagues. Our budget was quite limited so we had to shoot the full commercial in less than two days, which was a tough task. After we picked up the camera equipment and our minivan we started the first night by shooting the beach scenes. Succeeding that shoot we packed up and started again at first daylight in the northern part of the Netherlands, later that day we also filmed in Rotterdam at the World Trade Center, APL logistics and in through different parts of Witte de Withstraat. We closed the night in the Hague shooting around the Malieveld which even led to a peaceful encounter with the police, they were attracted to the impressive scale of the production.


The commercial itself was easily written behind the save space of a desk, but to really succeed at realizing it was a great challenge in which we never would have accomplished without the help of some wonderful people. A special thanks to all our friends who carried all of our equipment and drove us through the Netherlands without ever taking our capabilities or ideas into question. A special thanks to all the friends who were prepared to volunteer as an extra, even in the weird times post to the covid-19 pandemic. A special thanks to the administrators of our shooting locations, Dreams Beachhouse, APL Logistics Benelux office, KingKong Hostel at the Witte de With, and the Postillion hotel at the World Trade Center Rotterdam. A special thanks to Mabel Böhms Photography. And finally a special thanks to our actors, Dirk van der Pol, Josje van der Biezen, Joshua Rubin and Rudolf Bijleveld.